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In addition to its energy projects, RSE has provided hazardous materials/emergency planning services to the following projects.

Aroostook Valley Electric Company; Fort Fairfield, Maine. Integrated Pollution Prevention Plan for a 33 megawatt, wood-fired electric power generating facility. This plan integrates requirements for oil pollution prevention, stormwater pollution prevention, and hazardous chemical emergency response.

Hydra-Co Enterprises, Inc.; Craven County Wood Energy Project; New Bern, North Carolina. Environmental compliance program, emergency response planning, and hazardous materials inspection for a 45-net-megawatt wood-fired electric power generating facility. RSE prepared an integrated spill and emergency response plan for the facility to meet both oil pollution prevention and chemical emergency planning requirements. Findings of the plant inspection were accompanied by recommendations for improving plant procedures and reducing environmental risks. RSE created a unique worksheet for simplifying inventory analysis and determination of reporting requirements.

Madison Paper Industries; Madison, Maine. Spill and emergency response plan for a paper manufacturing facility producing 500 tons per day of uncoated, supercalendered groundwood magazine papers. RSE conducted a hazard analysis of the oils and hazardous materials stored and used at the facility, which included bulk fuel oil, waste oil, xylene, chlorine, methyl chloride, solvents, acids, caustics, and hazardous waste. Results of this analysis were incorporated into spill and emergency response procedures.

Lincoln Pulp & Paper Company; Lincoln, Maine. Spill and emergency response plan for a paper manufacturing facility producing 600 tons per day of bleached kraft pulp, cut-size papers, and tissue. This plan integrates oil pollution prevention and chemical emergency planning requirements into a single document.

Robinson Manufacturing Company; Oxford, Maine. Spill and emergency response plan and chemical inventory reporting for a woolen textile manufacturing facility. Oils and chemicals present at the facility included organic dyes, bulk storage of fuel oil, sulfuric acid, acetic acid, and hydrogen peroxide.

FMC Corporation; Marine Colloids Division; Rockland, Maine. SPCC Plan, chemical spill contingency plan, and civil design of a fuel oil containment and unloading structure for a carrageenan production facility. RSE completed a chemical hazard analysis using the results of a facility inspection, and assisted with local emergency response agreements.

United Technologies Corporation; Pratt & Whitney Aircraft; North Berwick, Maine. SPCC Plan for a jet engine manufacturing facility.

Great Northern Paper Company; Millinocket, Maine. PCB contingency plan for a major paper manufacturing facility.

Jet Line Pollution Control; South Portland, Maine. Energy audits, project identification, project analysis, SPCC Plan, coordination with regulatory agency contacts, testimony on agency rulemaking, and follow-up inspections related to building envelope and HVAC system for a major waste oil and hazardous waste storage and transfer facility.

Weyerhaeuser Company; Grayling, Michigan. Pollution incident prevention plan for a new structural composition board plant.

Portland Oil Recycling; Wells and Arundel, Maine. Environmental permitting, coordination with regulatory agencies, site review and evaluation, and site design for one of Maine's largest waste oil dealers and transporters. RSE prepared a critical path permit schedule used to communicate and track progress of permits.

Chevron, U.S.A.; South Portland, Maine. Detailed facility design, environmental permitting, and agency coordination for a bulk oil storage and transfer facility.

Neill & Gunter, Inc.; Fairchild, A Schlumberger Company; New Central Chemical Building; South Portland, Maine. Environmental regulatory review and permitting, SPCC Plan, and hazardous materials contingency plan for a major electronics manufacturing facility.

Pollution Control Unlimited; South Portland, Maine. Oil spill containment peer review and design for a waste oil recycling facility and SPCC Plan peer review.

Guptill Farms, Inc.; Wesley, Maine. Engineering design and SPCC Plan for an oil and hazardous material storage facility. Materials included pesticides and bulk diesel fuel storage. Design consisted of storage and mixing areas, containment system, and site planning.

Naval Security Group Activity; Winter Harbor and Corea, Maine. ESA and remediation of contaminated soils for removal and abandonment of seven underground petroleum storage tanks. The Naval Security Group Activity Winter Harbor facility is located on the Schoodic Peninsula section of Acadia National Park. Petroleum storage facilities were located within 1,000 feet of the Park's public drinking water supply. RSE coordinated soil and groundwater testing and remediation activities with the tank removal contractor, the U.S. Navy, MDEP, and Acadia National Park.

Thibeault Energy; Brunswick, Maine. Oil remediation, groundwater quality monitoring, and facility redesign for a bulk fuel oil terminal and energy products company. RSE prepared an Integrated Pollution Prevention Plan incorporating federal SPCC and stormwater management requirements. RSE also provided site design; loading rack and tank farm containment designs; electrical, mechanical, and geotechnical designs; stormwater management plans; site safety and health plans; remedial technology evaluations; remediation plan revisions; MDEP coordination complete with satisfactory cleanup letter; successful application for their aboveground storage facility for cleanup funds from Maine's Groundwater Cleanup Fund; site upgrade designs and successful transfer of town-owned property to Thibeault Energy through abandonment.

Ripley & Fletcher; South Paris, Maine. Oil pollution prevention and stormwater management plan for an automobile dealership and fleet truck maintenance facility. RSE also prepared a design for a new building addition and redesigned the floor drain system to enable pretreatment and discharge to the local sewer utility.

Maine Waste Management Agency/Carpenter Ridge Landfill; T2R8, Maine. Hazard analysis and capabilities assessment of a proposed special waste landfill. Potential hazards were evaluated including leachate management, waste handling, oil and hazardous materials management, and hazardous waste. Emergency response resources and capabilities available at the landfill, locally, regionally, and statewide were assessed. This report was peer reviewed and accepted by the Maine Emergency Management Agency as well as LURC, MDEP, and county emergency management officials.

Greenville Steam Company; Greenville Junction, Maine. Developed an Integrated Pollution Prevention Plan (IPPP) to assist GSCo with emergency response planning.

Frank Goodwin's Chevrolet-Buick; York, Maine. Completed hazardous waste closure report, which included a review of previous assessments, reports and hazardous waste records and the collection of soil samples, surface water samples, and septic tank samples; also provided assistance during planning board meeting.

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