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Regional Waste Systems, Inc.; Materials Recycling Facility; Gorham, Maine. Site layout, processing facility design, operating manual, special and hazardous waste exclusion plan, economic analyses, market research, procurement specifications and contract documents, and environmental permitting for a bulky waste materials recycling facility to serve 27 Maine communities in southern Maine. With an estimated waste stream of 120,000 tons per year, the facility was designed to process a minimum of 1,500 tons per day (8-hour basis) in order to meet seasonal waste generation peaks and processing constraints. Waste materials to be processed included construction and demolition debris, yard and wood waste, tires, white and brown goods, and aggregate construction waste. RSE developed the overall facility layout and process design for four mechanical operating lines, a composting facility, and a white goods processing area. RSE conducted a thorough evaluation of available technology by visiting similar projects from Rhode Island to Florida. RSE assisted management of the project through the use of a computerized critical path schedule. RSE designed a computer-based, detailed technical/economic analysis model for financial and strategic planning and completed a market study, both of which were used as the basis for financing the project.

Northeastern Recycling Center; Materials Recycling Facility; Brockton, Massachusetts. Facility similar to the Regional Waste Systems Materials Recycling Facility in Gorham developed as a private sector project. RSE prepared detailed environmental impact studies and was instrumental in the successful completion of documents leading to approval of the project under the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act.

Archie's Incorporated; Resource Recovery Project; Mexico, Maine. Preliminary site design and general arrangement, geotechnical investigation, economic analysis, waste stream characterization, market research, environmental permit strategy, air emissions analysis, traffic impact study, and financing for a 150-ton-per-day solid waste resource recovery project to serve northern Oxford County. RSE conducted a thorough evaluation of available technology by visiting similar projects in the mid-west featuring Lundell, Reuter, and Heil processing equipment. RSE conducted a study of the air emissions from a mixture of biomass and refuse-derived fuels to qualify the industrial boiler market, and assisted in fuel contract negotiations. RSE input to the MDEP on behalf of the project was instrumental in segregating processing and disposal facilities under Maine's Solid Waste Regulations. RSE planned and tracked project development using a computerized critical path schedule. RSE also designed a computer-based, detailed technical/economic analysis model for financial and strategic planning. The Finance Authority of Maine and Casco Bank were prepared to finance the project.

Kuhr Technologies, Inc.; Fuel Technologies, Inc.; Lewiston, Maine. Project management, site selection, facility design, geotechnical investigation, economic analysis, environmental permitting, noise impact study, construction management, and startup for a 400-ton-per-day urban wood waste processing facility. RSE developed full engineering designs for permitting, fast-track construction, and startup of the site and facility. Permits for the project included local planning board approval and a state site location/solid waste order. RSE also prepared a facility operations manual including fire, safety, and health practices. This was the first project of its kind in Maine and has been operating since 1986.

Regional Waste Systems; Waste-to-Energy Facility; Portland, Maine. Evaluation of an existing ash management system and development of preliminary design alternatives for reducing the volume of ash requiring landfill disposal from a 550-ton-per-day municipal waste-to-energy facility. RSE evaluated vitrification, screening, separation, and compaction options. RSE coordinated demonstrations of volume reduction equipment and presented results to Regional Waste Systems management.

Robert G. Gerber, Inc.; James River Company Landfill; West Old Town, Maine. Peer review of noise impact study, landfill operations manual, and visual impact analysis of MDEP permit application for a proposed special waste landfill. RSE review of the operations manual covered fire control, fugitive emissions, and odors, among other issues. The peer review was completed for the city of Old Town.

Saco Bay Resource Recovery; Saco, Maine. Site design review, environmental controls, engineering and permitting, and project management for a proposed construction and demolition debris and wood waste processing facility. Permits for the project included MDEP Solid Waste Permit-by-Rule, approval by Saco River Corridor Commission, and the City of Saco. RSE delivered public testimony and conducted a community workshop for the project.

P. R. Russell, Inc.; Bark Processing Facility; Richmond, Maine. General assistance with site selection and local planning board approval for a bark processing facility located near Interstate 295. Reviewed site location and site design, and provided technical input to this new bark mulch facility.

Maine Waste Management Agency/Carpenter Ridge Landfill; T2R8, Maine. Economic modeling and hazard risk analyses of development, construction, operation, closure, and post-closure maintenance of a proposed special waste landfill. RSE developed an economic model to analyze cash flow, community benefits, and escalation rates, among other considerations. RSE completed a hazard risk analysis that was peer reviewed and accepted by local, county, and state officials. RSE also presented testimony at public hearings held by LURC and MDEP for this multi-jurisdictional project. This Maine-owned special waste landfill took two state administrations years to locate, thousands of man-hours, and more than three million dollars to design and permit. Critical regulatory approvals for this $29 million strategic resource have been received.

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