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Maine Energy Recovery Company; Kuhr Technologies, Inc.; Biddeford, Maine. After-the-fact environmental permit peer review and fatal-flaw analysis; compliance officer during construction and initial start-up; design of original environmental compliance program; process designs; mass, energy, and water balance optimization consultations; noise impact analysis; monitoring protocol and community noise survey; forensic engineering and legal assistance; and SPCC Plan for a 500-ton-per-day municipal waste refuse-derived fuel and wood-fired electric power generating facility. The facility provides up to 21 megawatts of electric power for sale and consumption. RSE completed a three-day community noise survey in accordance with a noise protocol prepared by RSE and approved by the cities of Biddeford and Saco, Maine. RSE also identified the need for and managed a special study of the outfall design to ensure compliance with the thermal impact of the licensed discharge into a salmon-restoration river. This involved development and management of a unique and complex physical model constructed by others. Ultimately, design modifications to the pumping station and outfall diffuser were implemented.

Penobscot Energy Recovery Company; Kuhr Technologies, Inc.; Orrington, Maine. Full-service peer review and management for environmental permitting; compliance program design; oversight of hydrogeologic and geologic studies to determine ambient chemical contamination; toxic air risk assessment; and SPCC Plan for a 26.4-megawatt electric power generating facility. The boilers burn a combination of wood chips, refuse-derived fuel, and No. 2 oil. The facility includes a municipal solid waste preprocessing area where mechanical shredding, separation, and screening are performed to remove noncombustible materials.

Regional Waste Systems, Inc.; Portland, Maine. Environmental permit consulting to Dravo Corporation and Neill & Gunter, with emphasis on site permit and air emission license, and development of permit strategy for a 550-ton-per-day municipal solid waste incinerator. This mass burn facility generates 13 megawatts of electricity from combustion of the mixed municipal waste.

Union Chemical Company; Hazardous Waste-to-Energy Plant; South Hope, Maine. Environmental permitting; process designs; mass, energy, and water balance optimization consultations; supporting studies; SPCC Plan; and public hearing testimony for a unique, fluidized-bed combustion system designed to burn still bottoms from residues generated during recycling of spent chemicals. Steam generated was intended to produce electric power and to provide heat for recycling spent chemicals.

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